Day 5

We are refuelling with local handicrafts in Antsirabe, and continue our journey to Ambositra, capital of wood handicrafts, where we have to pick up our order of inlaid boxes, planned to stock our stand at the market, for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Switzerland. Our purchase is quite timely, because times are tough, and customers are scarce for woodworkers. By purchasing, we are thus contributing to the sustainability of the family business with which we have already collaborated in the past. This is also the philosophy of Madagascoeur.
We then continue our journey towards the primary forest, towards Ranomafana National Park, where we enjoy, after a night of sleep, the place to make a visit, with a local guide, to discover the lemur that is there and that is about to disappear. Only 5 groups of this species are recorded in the area, and this is the only place where it lives.