Today we are expected for a very important event, which is the inauguration of the water supply works in the commune of Mahereza, of our project “ça coule de source”. The usual traffic jams to leave Tana delay us a little bit, but we finally arrive at the right port after 1h30 of road and track. A gathering of villagers tells us the location chosen for the beginning of the festivities. As we approach it, we discover that a television crew is present on site and is interviewing the former mayor of the village, currently a deputy, Mr Johnny. When he sees us, he waves to us to join him. A major first for Madagascoeur, highlighted by TV plus Madagascar, which ranks first in the country’s audience rate. After answering a few questions from the journalist, and after taking leave of them, we discover in real life, the magnificent standpipes erected by the company Maestria Civil. We go around the hamlets and discover one by one, each work, accompanied by the beneficiaries, grateful for what we have offered them. We end the visit with the foot bath built in front of the school, which allows each child to wash their hands, feet and face to avoid any spread of disease. To conclude the visits, Johnny took the floor and made a short speech, thanking Madagascoeur, Maestria Civil and Coco. I also take the floor to thank all the people who made this project possible, naturally mentioning the Jack Guberan Foundation. After a few photos taken alongside the municipal authorities and Maestria Civil, we are invited to go to the classroom, transformed for the occasion, to enjoy an aperitif offered by Maestria Civil. Johnny then invites us to share the meal at his mother’s home who lives two hamlets away. We end the day in the commune of Mahereza, with the distribution of the printed photos, which we had taken in April, during our last visit. The little Holy girl we had already photographed when we first came to the village, and who is on our greeting cards, posed with the same devastating smile for the third time.

President, Madagascoeur